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Established by a small group of artists in 1962, the Society is currently based in Thornlands, Redland City (about 40 kilometres South East of Brisbane Qld Australia).

The Group's purpose is to give encouragement to practicing artists and to stoke the fires of public interest in the Arts.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

What's so wonderful about blogs..............

I really love this Yurara blog-site.  In my mind it is far more accessible and interactive than our Yurara website. I suppose the website is handy for static information such as notice of meetings, committe members' details, contacts and address etc.  But the fact remains that blogs are more dynamic and can be enormously helpful to budding artists, particularly those who require a little inspiration. 
There are many, many blogs to browse through but one of my favourites is that of Douglas Fryer.  Just a sample of his fine work follows and it is really worthwhile spending some time going through the other wonderful paintings displayed on his blog.  They are all truly inspiring.

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  1. Thanks for posting Ellen - makes the blog even more dynamic with lots of different points of view. Am looking forward to browsing Douglas Fryer's blog too, that little painting you posted is very enticing!