is a not–for–profit art organisation run exclusively by volunteers.

Established by a small group of artists in 1962, the Society is currently based in Thornlands, Redland City (about 40 kilometres South East of Brisbane Qld Australia).

The Group's purpose is to give encouragement to practicing artists and to stoke the fires of public interest in the Arts.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Margaret Olley & The Archibald

Margaret Olley alongside William Dobell's 1948 Archibald Prize winning portrait
Margaret Olley portrait by William Dobell 1948

Margaret Olley alongside Ben Quilty's 2011 Archibald Prize winning portrait
Margaret Olley portrait by Ben Quilty 2011

Danelle Bergstrom's 2003 (Archibald Prize Finalist) portrait of Margaret Olley

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mary Kirkby - Watercolour Workshop Saturday 5th May


a watercolour workshop with Mary Kirkby

Mary Kirkby, a highly experienced and accomplished artist, will conduct
a one day watercolour workshop

Saturday 5th May
9.30am until 3.00pm

Yurara Art Studio
Pinklands Reserve

Mary will demonstrate exciting and alternative methods of applying watercolour paints.
During the process Mary will show how many interesting reactions can be made on
paper between one colour and another.
For enquiries, bookings and a materials list please contact Mary on 3245 3391
or place your name on the list at the front door of the workroom.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Robin Wilson

Artwork by Robin Wilson

Artwork by Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson (Nat.Dip of Design, UK Dip Teaching London)
is an active member as well as a tutor at Yurara.
The above works were recently included in a members
Easter exhibiton with the top work gaining second prize.
Robin currently has works on show at The Terrace Cafe
Cleveland (next to Cleveland Library).
For enquiries regarding works or tutoring he can
be contacted on:  (07) 3824 5966

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Jack Oudyn - Mind Mapping

"Place of Flowers"
"Missing Friends"
"Long Life"

Mind Mapping

An exhibition by Jack Oudyn

Sunday 6 May - Sunday 17 June 2012
Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Tuesday 8 May - Sunday 18 June 2012
Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba

Opening Event 11am Sunday 6 May 2012 at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland
Floor Talk 12 noon Wednesday 9 May 2012 at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Jack Oudyn records his memories and experiences of the world in visual diaries and artist books. Mind Mapping presents a selection of Oudyn’s intimate drawings and collages spanning over 20 years. The drawings explore themes of travel, family, work, health, news events and memories.  

Saturday, 7 April 2012

What's so wonderful about blogs..............

I really love this Yurara blog-site.  In my mind it is far more accessible and interactive than our Yurara website. I suppose the website is handy for static information such as notice of meetings, committe members' details, contacts and address etc.  But the fact remains that blogs are more dynamic and can be enormously helpful to budding artists, particularly those who require a little inspiration. 
There are many, many blogs to browse through but one of my favourites is that of Douglas Fryer.  Just a sample of his fine work follows and it is really worthwhile spending some time going through the other wonderful paintings displayed on his blog.  They are all truly inspiring.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Mixed Media Students at Work



   Nathan, Gail and Clyne are busy creating another layer at their Tuesday Mixed Media Class in the studio at Yurara. They are working with print, collage and paint, developing works which highlight their design techniques. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Jacinta Howard - Yurara Easter Exhibition Judge for 2012

Jacinta Howard - Nocturnal Combat 2009 (oil on paper)

Jacinta Howard - Story Water 2008 (oil on canvas)
Jacinta Howard - Citrus Marmalade with Licorice Bits 2008 (oil on canvas)

Above works by Jacinta Howard.
Jacinta is an ex-member at Yurara
and will be judging the Easter Exhibition this year.
It will be the 13th Easter Exhibition held at Yurara
with 2012 marking the 50th anniversary of the Art Society.
To see more of Jacinta's works go to:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Archibald Prize Winners 2012

Tim Storrier "The Histrionic Wayfarer (after Bosch)

Raelene Sharp "A Strengh of Character"

The Archibald Prize is Australia's Premier Portrait Prize.
Held since 1921 initally from a bequest from Jules Francois Archibald
(co-owner and editor of The Bulletin Newspaper) .
 It is currently administered by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales
with the winner receiving a prize of $75,000.

Above are Tim Storrier's Prize Winning (Self Portrait)Archibald entry for 2012
along with the Packing Room Prize for Raelene Sharp's
work of Australian actor John Wood .

For a full list of finalists go to:

To find out a bit about each work and artist on the site
click on the image of each work.