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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Robyn Foster - On Line Projects

The Sketchbook Project
Book Art Object
A Letter a Week

I have found since I began blogging that there
are quite a few online projects to join in with
to give you goals and fresh ideas as you make your artwork.

 Each are run by special interest groups and have their
own time frames and expectations of participants.
Projects I am currently participating in are:

Participants pay a fee to be sent a small notebook
from the Brooklyn Art Library, they are given a theme
(my theme is "Learning to Spell and other Lessons")
and then make a sketchbook to go with this theme.
The completed book is mailed back to Brooklyn and the
book then becomes part of a lending library of artists books.
You can also choose to have your book included in 
their online catalogue at an extra fee.

An Australian based (Coffs Harbour) project with members worldwide.
Once again a theme is chosen (my theme is "The Lost Typewriter Key")
and Participants make an editioned artist book (approx. 12 copies).
As there are about 100 participants overall, these were broken
down into groups of 8-10.  You send one of your books to
each group member and they send you one of theirs.
You also send a book into the organiser and she then
organises for the collection of books to be shown in exhibitons.
Last years project has been shipped to the UK for an exhibition there.

Another Australian based project with members worldwide, 
run from the Sunshine Coast.
Participants make 2 alphabets throughout the year,
which works out to one letter a week.
One alphabet has a theme (this year's theme is dots & spots, 
for which I have chosen to do a braille alphabet) and
one alphabet is completely up to you
(for which I chose to do an animal themed alphabet)

PS:  all of the above photo's are works in progress for each project.

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