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Monday, 12 March 2012

A little about me.....

Hi....I'm a visual artist who likes to work in a variety of mediums, Acrylics, Oils, Pastels and Mixed Media.  My main theme for paintings has been a continuous one for the past few years.  I endeavour to portray a story of my life's journey both in the natural and spiritual through using elements of the landscape.   In particular Rocks and Pathways have been subjects I have used to show the parallels that are to be found in our journey....Rocks that sometimes loom large and block a pathway, stoney paths that are difficult to tread on.  Debris from fallen trees, branches leaves etc that perhaps stick into you when you are going along.   Then the refreshing pools that suddenly appear around beach rocks and offer times of cooling peace to your soul.  The strength and beauty of rocks fascinate me....the variety of colours, the sharp edges, the smooth rounded ones worn by time.   These are just a few of my thoughts about my work - it is ongoing - just as my life has had twists and turns and destinations sought and sometimes reached...I expect the same for my paintings.


  1. Thank you for posting Barbra, it's very interesting to read about some of your artistic process. I hope this will encourage others at Yurara to share some of their own story on the blog.

  2. Rob
    You should put some images of your books up here!!