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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ellen Paxton - 20 x 20cm Paintings

"Straddie Weekend - View from the Verandah"
"Cheery Cherries"
Herewith a few artworks by Ellen Paxton,
who was, until recently, President of Yurara
(until the lovely Gloria Dietz-Kiebron took over the role).

Ellen lives on Coochiemudlo Island
and has been creating a lot of her works 
in oil in a 20cmx20cm format lately.

Her works are quite lovely and
very quickly scooped up when they come up for sale.

To see more of Ellen's works 
and to see what she has to say about her
arts practice, visit her blog


  1. Thank you for your kind words. The blog looks just great. Will have to consult. Your method of framing the pictures looks very clean and fresh.

    1. Hi Ellen, don't think I did anything special with the framing of the photo's - used a white border and when you add a caption you end up with a cool looking polaroid set up.

  2. I love these paintings, Ellen... You should make gift cards with these images - they would appeal to so many...