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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Corinne Colombo Workshop 14&15 April 2012

In this workshop Corinne is happy to share what she has learned over many years, years that include lengthy study in art school and travels to many different countries. Corinne loves to draw and claims that once an artist understands how this magical medium works, everything becomes easy…..‘you just follow!’

Corinne will show students how to capture the essence of movement, and how this can then lead a student into the abstract domain.   During this workshop Corinne will also instruct students on how to use drawing within paintings and how to mix brush stroke with line.

Overall, Corinne hopes that students enjoy the workshop and have fun exploring this wonderful medium. ‘Just as we all have our own distinctive hand writing, we all have our own distinctive marks and lines’.

Material list:

  • 3 photo-references that interest you and that you want to draw or paint.
  • Paper: different types, different thicknesses; white, black, coloured or even previously worked. The paper could even be transparent.
  • Brushes, pencils, coloured pencils, water colour or acrylic paints – any other things you would like to use such as waxed crayons, inks etc.
  • Backing board
  • Sticky tape or pins to fix paper on boards
  • Glue or gel gloss

For more details contact Corinne on 07 3206 2602 or 0432 930 913 or by email at

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