is a not–for–profit art organisation run exclusively by volunteers.

Established by a small group of artists in 1962, the Society is currently based in Thornlands, Redland City (about 40 kilometres South East of Brisbane Qld Australia).

The Group's purpose is to give encouragement to practicing artists and to stoke the fires of public interest in the Arts.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Portraits by Mark Powell

Thought those who attend
the Monday Portrait Group
might be interested in these portraits.
Mark Powell is a UK artist
who uses a biro pen 
to create beautiful, small scale artworks
on old envelopes and book end pages.
You can see more of his work at 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Note about framing from John Nicholls

27th March 2012
Hi my artist friends,
With the Yurara Easter Exhibition approaching, I thought I’d give myself a plug and let you know that I could still frame any works you may want to enter, at very economical prices – a win-win situation for both you and me!
I recently framed the three artworks penned below. The flowers cost $65, (size 460mm x 390mm) the landscape $75, (625mm x 425mm) and the box-framed cap, $145, (470mm x 410mm), - prices I’m sure you would not get from commercial framers. More importantly, all the recipients were very pleased with the quality of the framing. Having a home workshop set up with professional framing equipment certainly helps me attain this high standard!
If anyone is interested, please give me a call on 3287 6106, and we can discuss your requirements.

Happy painting, and thanks for reading this.
John Nicholls

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Redland Art Awards 2012
website will be updated shortly.

To view winning works & information from
previous years go to:

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Robyn Foster - On Line Projects

The Sketchbook Project
Book Art Object
A Letter a Week

I have found since I began blogging that there
are quite a few online projects to join in with
to give you goals and fresh ideas as you make your artwork.

 Each are run by special interest groups and have their
own time frames and expectations of participants.
Projects I am currently participating in are:

Participants pay a fee to be sent a small notebook
from the Brooklyn Art Library, they are given a theme
(my theme is "Learning to Spell and other Lessons")
and then make a sketchbook to go with this theme.
The completed book is mailed back to Brooklyn and the
book then becomes part of a lending library of artists books.
You can also choose to have your book included in 
their online catalogue at an extra fee.

An Australian based (Coffs Harbour) project with members worldwide.
Once again a theme is chosen (my theme is "The Lost Typewriter Key")
and Participants make an editioned artist book (approx. 12 copies).
As there are about 100 participants overall, these were broken
down into groups of 8-10.  You send one of your books to
each group member and they send you one of theirs.
You also send a book into the organiser and she then
organises for the collection of books to be shown in exhibitons.
Last years project has been shipped to the UK for an exhibition there.

Another Australian based project with members worldwide, 
run from the Sunshine Coast.
Participants make 2 alphabets throughout the year,
which works out to one letter a week.
One alphabet has a theme (this year's theme is dots & spots, 
for which I have chosen to do a braille alphabet) and
one alphabet is completely up to you
(for which I chose to do an animal themed alphabet)

PS:  all of the above photo's are works in progress for each project.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Gloria Clay & Diana Belluomini "Two's Company"

"Up the Creek 3" by Gloria Clay



Exhibition dates: 20 June - 1 July 2012
Artist Contact:

"Colombaia" by Diana Belluomini

134 Latrobe Terrace
Paddington  Qld  4064

Long time tutor at Yurara, Gloria Clay, is having a break from teaching classes for Term 2 
in order to prepare for her upcoming June exhibition 

"Two's Company" 
at Percolator Gallery, 

Gloria will be exhibiting new works in mixed media alongside friend and fellow artist Diana Belluomini for two weeks from June 20 - 1 July 2012.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Joan Hurtado

From the "Rainforest"series by Joan Hurtado
"Littoral Dreaming" by Joan Hurtado from the "Beachcomber" series
"Reflections of the Bay Artworkers" by Joan Hurtado from the "Beachcomber" series

Thought I would put a post up about long standing member
Joan and Dave Hurtado have been stalwarts at 
Yurara, including stints on the Executive Committee.
Yurara would be a very different place
without the input of these two dynamos.

Joan recently held a farewell exhibition at the Yurara Gallery
to celebrate their move to Mitchell in rural Queensland.
Unfortunately, they timed their move a week 
before devastating floods hit the area.
Along with this Dave has been experiencing poor health.

We at Yurara wish them both well with their 
new life in Mitchell and know they will
be making a positive difference in their new community.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Easter Exhibition

Don't forget the Easter Exhibiton Competition at Yurara.
Open to all members 
works are to be delivered to the studio
on Tuesday 5th April.
This years Judge will be Jacinta Howard.
There are no categories or themes,
all members works will be accepted,
but please ensure works have
D-Rings attached so they can be exhibited.

Open over the entire Easter Weekend
Friday 6th April - Monday 9th April
(if we can get volunteers to man the gallery)
Official Opening 2pm Saturday 7th April
by Debra Henry


For entry forms and
further information
please see the upcoming
 March Redland Yurara Newsletter.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dr Irene Amos - Tribute to a creative life

Tribute to Dr Irene Amos at GoMA
Dr Irene Amos OAM (photo by Rod Buchholtz)
A tribute to Dr Irene Amos OAM will be held on
Thursday 29th March 10.00 for 10.30am
Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
Dress; Colourful

For seating arrangements , could you please advise attendance

Below is an extract from Toowoomba Regional Council's website in tribute to Irene:

Toowoomba Regional Council has joined with the region's arts community in mourning last week's sad passing of prominent artist Dr Irene Amos OAM.

Dr Amos, aged 84, died last Friday, February 10, after a short battle with cancer.

Cultural, Heritage and Facilities Services portfolio leader Cr Ros Scotney said Dr Amos would be remembered not only for her rich and valuable contribution to the art world but also her generous gestures to this community.

Dr Amos was a foundation fellow of the Royal Queensland Art Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (London).

An artist for over 50 years, she was the first Australian female to qualify for the academic award of Doctor of Creative Arts.

In 1991 she was awarded an OAM for her contribution to the arts.

Cr Scotney acknowledged the huge legacy Dr Amos leaves to Toowoomba in her roles as a teacher, mentor and patron of the arts.

"Irene taught at the McGregor Summer and Winter schools at USQ for many years, becoming a patron in 2004.

"In fact, she tutored at the Winter School every year from its inception until 2006 when she retired," Cr Scotney said.

"Her art practice and her personality informed and inspired fellow artists."

In late 1996 Dr Irene Amos OAM began negotiations with Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery to donate her private collection. Early in 1997, she presented 69 works on paper to the Gallery.

This first stage of the Gift was marked by an exhibition that aimed to reveal the inter-relationships between Irene's work and works by artist friends acquired by Amos.

Over the next three years, Dr Amos magnanimously gifted her extensive collection of artworks to the Gallery.

A second exhibition opened in April 1999 marking the second stage of the bequest. It made reference to the multiplicity of meanings which the 46 ceramic pieces donated at this time held for Amos, by again exploring relationships between the collector/artist and the works acquired and their creators.
Then in 2000 the final group of artworks made Toowoomba their home and the enormity of her gift became apparent. Titled direct/conscious/re-flection/re-connection: The Amos Collection, this was the only time the whole collection was displayed together.

The Dr Irene Amos OAM Collection: Amos Bequest - a major focus of the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery's programs - will continue her contribution into the future.

Between 2002 and 2010 Dr Amos curated an exhibition from her gift every second year.

The five exhibitions in this Patron's Choice series gave viewers further insights into the visual life of this extraordinary artist and teacher.

"It is fitting that the Gallery currently has an exhibition from the Irene Amos collection on display," Cr Scotney said.

"It is fitting also that the curator of the original bequest project, Susan Lostroh, selects some Amos favourites for this exhibition titled From Irene.

"So, while we mourn the passing of such a significant arts figure, we will also continue to celebrate her talent and lasting influence."

Barbra Elvin - Paintings

Herewith a few images to go with Barbra's blog post of 
You can see here what Barbra means about
the natural landscape being ever present
in her recent works, with rocks and paths and pools of water
symbolising life's journey.

Monday, 12 March 2012

A little about me.....

Hi....I'm a visual artist who likes to work in a variety of mediums, Acrylics, Oils, Pastels and Mixed Media.  My main theme for paintings has been a continuous one for the past few years.  I endeavour to portray a story of my life's journey both in the natural and spiritual through using elements of the landscape.   In particular Rocks and Pathways have been subjects I have used to show the parallels that are to be found in our journey....Rocks that sometimes loom large and block a pathway, stoney paths that are difficult to tread on.  Debris from fallen trees, branches leaves etc that perhaps stick into you when you are going along.   Then the refreshing pools that suddenly appear around beach rocks and offer times of cooling peace to your soul.  The strength and beauty of rocks fascinate me....the variety of colours, the sharp edges, the smooth rounded ones worn by time.   These are just a few of my thoughts about my work - it is ongoing - just as my life has had twists and turns and destinations sought and sometimes reached...I expect the same for my paintings.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ellen Paxton - 20 x 20cm Paintings

"Straddie Weekend - View from the Verandah"
"Cheery Cherries"
Herewith a few artworks by Ellen Paxton,
who was, until recently, President of Yurara
(until the lovely Gloria Dietz-Kiebron took over the role).

Ellen lives on Coochiemudlo Island
and has been creating a lot of her works 
in oil in a 20cmx20cm format lately.

Her works are quite lovely and
very quickly scooped up when they come up for sale.

To see more of Ellen's works 
and to see what she has to say about her
arts practice, visit her blog

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Yurara Gallery

Yurara has a reasonably large, freshly painted gallery space with a professional track hanging system which is utilized as much as possible. 

We currently have an exhibition of works from the gallery collection which have been donated by past/current members over the years including new donations from Carolyn Dodds and Joan Hurtado.

Below are some photo's of the "Take Four" exhibition held at the gallery in late 2011 by members Ellen Paxton, Anna Bray, Gloria Dietz-Kiebron and Robyn Foster.

Click on the images below to enlarge.
Click next to the enlarged image to return to the blog post.

 If there are any members who have an event coming up please contact Robyn Foster
 to let you know how to put a post on this blog to showcase your event.

Looking for a list of other arts happenings in the Redlands?
Go to Redlands Arts Council - Happenings page for a list of what's on in the Redlands

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Corinne Colombo Workshop 14&15 April 2012

In this workshop Corinne is happy to share what she has learned over many years, years that include lengthy study in art school and travels to many different countries. Corinne loves to draw and claims that once an artist understands how this magical medium works, everything becomes easy…..‘you just follow!’

Corinne will show students how to capture the essence of movement, and how this can then lead a student into the abstract domain.   During this workshop Corinne will also instruct students on how to use drawing within paintings and how to mix brush stroke with line.

Overall, Corinne hopes that students enjoy the workshop and have fun exploring this wonderful medium. ‘Just as we all have our own distinctive hand writing, we all have our own distinctive marks and lines’.

Material list:

  • 3 photo-references that interest you and that you want to draw or paint.
  • Paper: different types, different thicknesses; white, black, coloured or even previously worked. The paper could even be transparent.
  • Brushes, pencils, coloured pencils, water colour or acrylic paints – any other things you would like to use such as waxed crayons, inks etc.
  • Backing board
  • Sticky tape or pins to fix paper on boards
  • Glue or gel gloss

For more details contact Corinne on 07 3206 2602 or 0432 930 913 or by email at